Are you feeling awkward? There are the power moves that you can do to land that fabulous date. First impressions last, and you want to put your best foot forward, not feet of clay right away. Making friends, finding a lover, and keeping relationships going requires skills that can be learned.


Opening line

Your opening line is vital, even if it just messaging while using one of those online dating apps, like this one here. You might want to ask, “What’s your sign?” but if the person isn’t into astrology, you might get busted right away. It is always to find common ground, and talk about the weather and keep the convo light at first. Asking too many personal questions might make the person fold. You also need to be a good listener, nodding your head and showing real concern.

Saying “yes”

Try to get a series of yes from a potential partner. By getting affirmations about the smallest of things, such as seeing lovely flowers, you get to create a bond. A few ‘yes’ may bring about the biggest one ever. You’ll see them smile when they like what you are talking about.


Make the person laugh. As we try to avoid toxic people who use us as a sounding board for their problems, you must also restrain yourself from going into such topics, especially if the person has no solution to offer.

Give them a chance

When we approach relationships without a pre-conceived thought of what the person thinks of us, we give them a chance. It is sometimes difficult to not be anxious, especially if our last relationship ended up lousily. A new person, even a friend, deserves not to be loaded with your failed experiences with others.

Add romance

One of the power moves is to make the setting romantic. Even the most ordinary place can be made as sweet as possible. It is your approach that can set the scene, as there is no need to have dinner by candlelight for a romantic moment to happen. You might want to get closer and lightly touch the person in a friendly manner, so they can get used to you being near.


Power moves start with your self-image. It might be time to look in the mirror differently. Instead of looking to see the flaws, check out your best features. Take the time to take care of yourself before a date, such as having a facial. Of course, make sure you don’t have bad breath as that is such a turn-off! Getting ready to meet someone is an excellent opportunity to indulge in some “me” time.

A clean slate

Power moves start with confidence. We might be apprehensive about meeting someone new but think of it as an opportunity to start a relationship with a clean slate. It is possible to be the best that you possibly can be and continue that way.

Less drama

All relationships can have conflicts even if there is a clear agreement that the meetup is for sex dating. It takes maturity to hold in our tempers. It also takes respect for other’s opinion and their decisions. If it is not important, don’t make an issue. There are dramatic turns, of course, as we all have feelings. To avoid such problems, you need to have open lines of communication and also be observant, as a lot of people don’t say what is on their mind.